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At JLB Groundworks Surrey, we are your dedicated experts in comprehensive concrete and formwork solutions, working for domestic and trade customers all over Cranleigh. Our expert solutions cover everything from concept and assembly of formwork to the pouring and curing of concrete, we deal with all aspects of your concrete requirements. Whether your project is in need of reinforced concrete to ensure the stability of your Cranleigh structure, elegant architectural concrete for an appealing overall aesthetic finish, or robust foundations and slabs, our Cranleigh team of concrete and formwork professionals have what it takes to carry out this service to an exemplary level which will not be matched.

Our approach is to be on being friendly, helpful, and efficient at all times. We have a diverse database of customers, including construction managers, builders, and industrial operators, as well as homeowners in need of gold standard concrete solutions. We take great pride in our professional and approachable manor, committed to putting our insights and expertise on full display. Every Cranleigh client is treated with utmost respect, ensuring they feel informed from start to finish. At JLB Groundworks Surrey, we emphasise safety, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service. For any inquiries or assistance with your concrete and formwork needs, do not hesitate to contact our friendly expert team.


Commercial And Industrial Concrete And Formwork For Cranleigh

Our Cranleigh team have revolutionised commercial landscaping with cutting edge concrete and formwork solutions that set the standard for the commercial and industrial sector. Our Cranleigh concrete and formwork pros provides specialist services for an array of commercial and industrial tasks, from installing solid concrete foundations imperative for commercial success to crafting adaptable formwork that sets the stage for future of commercial architecture.

Whether you’re laying down reinforced concrete structures made for longevity and to address safety concerns, or carefully creating custom formwork for detailed architecture, our approach will allow for every detail. We uphold the highest UK safety standards, making certain that all concrete slabs, panels, and structural components meet the quality requirements.

Our seasoned professional Surrey concrete and formwork team use only the best techniques like precast concrete panels for fast installation and high-strength concrete mixes for enhanced durability. Our proficiency also covers detailed concrete finishing and curing, guaranteeing that every commercial property we work in not only stands up to the test of time, but also exudes a professional look. We are known for our rapid quoting and ability to offer fast lead times, so that your projects move forward as quickly as possible.

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Cranleigh Residential Concrete And Formwork 

Cranleigh’s specialist in residential concrete and formwork services for homeowners and developers. Our Surrey groundworks team is skilled in foundational work like constructing basements, and residential foundations, as well as aesthetic projects the likes of patio designs and decorative landscaping features. We provide the best quality concrete driveways and bespoke concrete solutions tailored to your residential needs, ensuring excellence with every residential concrete and formwork project.

Our services also include stamped concrete for unique designs, concrete pool decks for our Cranleigh clients to enjoy throughout the summer, and concrete retaining walls to massively improve garden spaces. Our team are dedicated to sustainable construction practices and offer efficient repairs and maintenance for long-lasting results for longer lasting outcomes. Reach out to our sales and scheduling team for rapid quoting and short lead times, and see how our specialists can enhance your home.

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